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Free whip making with Anton Blume on

Anton Blume started a meetup group in april 2015 and since then is running a workshop on whip production in her Neukölln-workspace once every month or two.

Here´s where you can find her:
You are interested in DIY whip making out of bicycle tires?


You are a creative person with a bit of free time? You like to meet new exciting people? Artists? Locals? Lesbians? Creative survivors? You are interested in learning new crafts?

You are kinky?

I´d like to share my ideas. Let’s get together and create some vegan rubbery toys!

Every second tuesday it’s my time to gather with creative survivors, curious conceptualists, queer artists and thriving individualists to get a few pieces of rubber done.

You can use all my tools and I´ll spread my knowledge from five years of producing vegan whips.


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