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Workshop on Flogging

Monday, February 17
at 6:30pm9:30pm


Workshop on Flogging

This workshop provides a basic introduction into the multifaceted practice of flogging. Besides focusing on technical skills, attention will be drawn to the physical and emotional processes of both flogging and receiving parties. How do I safely and effectively use a flogger and how does the action of flogging feel with different kinds of floggers? What do I want to achieve through play and how do I pour intention into the flogging? How can intense stimulation, that at first may be perceived as pain, be transformed into joy and pleasure? How can I support a good flow of communication while playing and how, with caring dedication, remain aware of my partner’s responses?

Floggers will be provided.

Please note: this workshop is limited to 8 participants! Email to secure a place.

Cost: 15€ (12€ limited income)

With Klara Luhmen and Matís d’Arc

Klara Luhmen works internationally as tantrika, domina, dancer and teacher. Together with Kristina Marlen she directs the Sacred Kink Academy, regularly organizing workshops and performances that aim at disseminating mutually enriching aspects of tantra and BDSM.

Matís d’Arc is a cultural worker and a rope, BDSM and play enthusiast. He’s motivated by the conviction that a conscious and practical engagement with sexuality and BDSM is not only a lot of fun, but that it can also offer particular insights into ones’ own personality and open new paths for personal development.

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